Quality SEO Services Build Website Traffic

In today’s highly competitive online market, only the best designed and maintained websites win. Google, Yahoo and other search engines now routinely exile low quality web pages to the bottom of their rankings, making them virtually invisible to shoppers. Web design professionals understand the factors required to garner higher page rankings, and work with clients to deliver the best web designs that Google will recognize as having the quality content customers are looking for.

Algorithms now used look for specific features on web pages, and web designs that ignore those algorithms are likely to see competitors’ pages outrank them every time. Grand Rapids Web Design professionals work with clients to carefully examine their pages and identify areas that need improvement. They focus on a few specific areas.


First, Grand Rapids SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals identify pages that are stale. Old or out-dated information quickly costs page rankings. Google and other search engines look for content that is continually refreshed. The algorithms interpret new data as an indication site owners are keeping abreast with their industry’s trends. That content is not always just text; it can also be in the form of videos, which are rapidly gaining in popularity.

Second, the search engines also look for quality content. In other words, pictures of the family pet may be cute, but are they relevant to the site visitor? One of the more popular additions to web designs is the inclusion of a blog. Blogs, especially when well written, provide a more personal way for site owners to keep viewers up to date with company, as well as industry, trends that could affect them. It also provides a place to insert how-to instructions or other data customers need.

Third, the major search engines look for sites that interact with site visitors. Is there an FAQ area? Can customers respond to blog posts? Can consumers ask specific staff members a question? Communication is an important aspect of a site’s ranking success today, and SEO professionals work with clients to guarantee their web pages not only look good, but are also constructed in a way that the search engines find engaging.

Working with SEO professionals is not a one-time activity. Rather, business owners determined to stay on top of search engine rankings must form a long-term relationship with web design professionals if their sites are to be successful both today and in the future.